My 2019 resolution

Few pointers to myself where I will concentrate more:

  1. Data Structures and algorithms
  • Complete MOOC’s from UCSD, MIT, Stanford.
  • Read DSA by Mark Alien Wiess, CTCI and EPI.
  • Solve more and more problems on SPOJ, Hackerrank.
  • Get good with Codechef at somepoint.(literally I have been struggling to do this since many months :|)
  • Get started with leetcode and interviewbit.
  • Revisit data science + ML MOOC’s done during degree.
  • Revisit all the data science and ML projects I have done, probably make them better.
  • Go more in depth into NN and ML.
  • Get more technically strong with DL.
  • Read more research papers in DL community and the research work by Ian Goodfellow, Geoffrey Hinton, Yoshua Bengio, Andrew Ng and other maestros.
  • Get more strong with intermediate Python and start contributing to Python reference implementation.
  • Go from a novice to intermediary in Go and Rust.
  • Get strong hands-on over SQL, mongodb, graphql and mariadb.
  • Revisit JS and retake FCC from scratch. Get basic hands-on with React and Node.
  • Explore Solidity and eEhereum.
  • Learn German.
  • Read a lot of self-help books and publish their summaries online.
  • Give back the community whatever I have learnt by writing blogs on medium.
  • Better utilize organizing + management tools/apps like trello and slack.
  • Not visiting facebook or instagram anymore.
  • Reading more and more articles on reddit, hackernews, twitter, linkedIn and quora



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