More than 1000 applications, 57+ interviews, and a FAANG offer!

The grind -

I was doing an internship with Intel, Ireland and it was about to complete in December 2020. I already had a good understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms(DSA) but I was out of daily practice. …

Spoiler alert: This post is not just about getting solution to some problem statement. Its more about understanding how competitive programmers and the “future” software developers should write their solutions. It is also not about the never ending debate of competitive programming(CP) vs software development.

Software development is more than…


Parents have done so much for us. Like literally they have spent their entire life living for us.
Just feels sad when you can’t give back anything substantial to them. On top of it when your dad says this to one of the relatives — “I am living my dream…

This year has been a roller coaster ride for my journey in the world of Computer Science. I added a few more feathers to my cap but still it wasn’t the best year for me. Let me do a #throwback and explain what worked well and unwell for me this year.

Starting with The Timeline:

  1. January: Capitalised on building simple yet powerful Pythonic scripts which could automate my daily activities.
  2. February: Got bored doing similar automation stuffs and took the data science journey little more seriously and started reading more about ML and DS.
  3. March-April: Completed many specializations pertaining to ML and Data Science (everything…

Chirag Shah

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